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Welcome to the Cowboy Up Podcast.

This is where cowboy H. Alan Day and dude rancher Russell True team-up to talk all things Western. They share adventures from the range, from the seat of a plane’s cockpit, from the back of a horse. (You may wonder how they lived to tell their tales!) And they roundup some darn interesting guests.  Horse lovers, horse trainers, chuckwagon chefs, ranchers, artists, writers, authors, nature lovers, and more. It’s the West now and then.

E13: Dude Ranching DNA

Dude rancher Russell True and cowboy H. Alan Day team up in Tucson, Arizona to talk all things Western. They’ll share adventures from the range, from the seat of a plane’s cockpit, from the back of a horse. (You may wonder how they lived to tell their tales!) And they’ll have a roundup of guests, Western writers, horse lovers, chuckwagon chefs, ranchers, nature lovers. It’s the West now and then.!

E12: Gotta Love Your Mentors

Ever have a mentor who impacted your life, a person who you’ll remember forever? Russell and Alan reflect on their mentors and offer up some inspiration and lessons to help us get through these crazy times. They also talk about being mentors and paying it forward. If you have a mentoring story you’d like to share, email us at and we’ll get it posted on our social media.

E11: How Many Hats Can A Cowboy Wear? Ask Ross Knox

Ross Knox learned about life from the saddle. A wrangler, mule packer, leather braider, and renown cowboy poet, Knox offers up some western adventures, along with a few inspiring poems. And it’s not everyone who has a song written about them, but Knox lays claim to that one, too!

E10: Veterans, Their Families & Wild Mustangs

Deborah Plum, co-founder of Base Camp for Veterans, Inc., and Jeff Cook, wild mustang trainer at Dream Horse AZ, join Russell and Alan to talk about the unique program being offered to veterans and their families. At the center of the program: wild mustangs, those four-legged creatures capable of helping us grow and transform.

E9: The Lady Who Led the Way

Alan shares more stories about his sister, Sandra Day O’Connor, the woman who started Stanford at age 16, graduated from law school at 22, found her way to the Arizona legislature and eventually to Washington, D.C. A most timely conversation. 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, guaranteeing women the constitutional right to vote. Many women opened doors and paved the way for Justice O’Connor, and she in turn opened doors for future generations of women.

E8: The Making of a Supreme Court Justice

Ranch life is not the easiest. One thing it does, however, is build character. Alan reflects on how being raised on a cattle ranch in the hard-scrabble, high desert of Arizona influenced his sister, Sandra Day O’Connor, the first woman nominated and confirmed to the United States Supreme Court.

E7: Diana Madaras and the Spirit of Western Art

Award-winning artist Diana Madaras is equally well known for her bold, colorful Southwest art as for her generous charitable giving. Diana owns Madaras Gallery in Tucson, Arizona, which features her work, and is president of the non-profit Art for Animals Foundation, a charity she founded in 1999 to help abused, injured, and orphaned animals. Voted Tucson’s Best Visual Artist nine times, she has been featured in national magazines, as well as  television shows produced by NBC, CBS and PBS affiliates. Diana joins Russell and Alan at White Stallion Ranch, where she frequently sets up her easel and paints.

E6: Celebrate “The National Day of the Cowboy”

Guest host Lynn Wiese Sneyd talks with Bethany Braley, the executive director and publisher of National Day of the Cowboy, a non-profit dedicated to preserving pioneer heritage and cowboy culture. Saturday, July 25, 2020 marks the 16th annual celebration of National Day of the Cowboy, and the start of another year supporting western artists, photographers, writers, filmmakers, and cowboys and cowgirls across the country. This is one fantastic group!

E5: Training, Adopting & Saving Wild Horses

Russell and Alan talk with horse whisperer and author of Lessons from Horses Randy Helm about the future of America’s wild horses. Alan shares how he came to start the first government-sponsored wild horse sanctuary in South Dakota and the tragic request issued one day by the Bureau of Land Management. Learn more about Alan’s experiences in his award-winning memoir The Horse Lover: A Cowboy’s Quest to Save the Wild Mustangs.

E4: Wild Horses and Inmates—Partners in Prison

Russell and Alan invite Randy Helm to the ranch. An experienced horse whisperer, Randy is the supervisor of the Wild Horse Inmate Program (WHIP) at the Arizona State Program. This incredibly successful program takes wild horses out of captivity and puts them in the hands of men who are in captivity, but who are eager for the opportunity to train the animals. A truly win-win situation – and these days, don’t we need to hear stories like this one. For more information about Randy and WHIP, visit here.

E3: For the Love of Horses

Chess is a game. Tennis is a sport. But horse riding is an adventure. So let’s go to the ranch and hear Russell and Alan who have over 100 years of experience and stories about loving, caring, grieving and riding horses. These two cowboys will move your spirit, touch your heart, and maybe even bring a tear or two! There isn’t a better way to spend the next half hour of your life than to just to listen right here.

E2: True Tales of the West with Guest Mark Bedor

Russell and Alan chat with guest Mark Bedor, an avid horseman who wears many hats. Writer, photographer, news reporter, anchor, producer, author, musician and host of the TV show “Today’s Wild West” — Mark has done it all. Check out the Quigley shoot, the sentimental meaning of spurs, and one of the most important cowboy mantras. Ears on… this one’s for you!

E1: Raised a Cowboy, Always a Cowboy

Meet Russell True and Alan Day, two cowboys who’ve lived big lives in big spaces. Russell grew up on White Stallion Dude Ranch in Tucson, AZ. Alan was raised on Lazy B, a 200,000-acre cattle ranch straddling the high deserts of Arizona and New Mexico. What was it like to grow up with cowboys and horses and make a hand by age five? Find out here as Russell and Alan share some high-tale, horse lovin’ adventures.

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